Mediterranean trade routes essay writer

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Mediterranean trade routes essay writer

Several prominent trade systems developed that linked the empires together in a complex network of exchange that greatly exceeded that of the foundational and River Valley civilizations.

Luxury goods and raw materials traveled in caravans and on boats to distant markets. Traveling with them were belief systems, ideas, technology, culture and diseases. Globally, these tranregional networks were limited to Eurasia and Africa in this time period.

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Trade networks that developed in Oceania and the Americas remained localized for the time being. Land and water routes became the basis for transregional trade, communication, and exchange networks in the Eastern Hemisphere. The major networks of trade that developed in the classical age were influenced by economic, cultural, environmental, and geographic factors.

You should be familiar with the following examples of trade networks: Trade between China and the central Asian nomads took place at this passage in the Great Wall. John Hill The Silk Roads were made up of an indirect chain of separate transactions through which goods crossed the entire land area of Eurasia.

Rarely did merchants themselves travel the length of these routes; in fact, few of them knew the complexity and breadth of the Silk Roads. Merchants primarily engaged in local instances of "relay trade" in which goods changed "hands many times before reaching their final destinations. Consequently, trade focused on luxury items that would bring a nice profit making the greater risks worthwhile.

Particularly important were luxury items with a high value to weight ratio. The Silk Roads had their origins in Asia as nomadic and settled people exchanged goods. In part, it began because of environmental conditions. The soil in China lacks selenium, a deficiency that contributes to muscular weakness, low fertility, and reduced growth in horses.

Even after the construction of the Great Wall, nomads gathered at the gates of the wall to exchange items. Soldiers sent to guard the wall were often paid in bolts of silk which they traded with the nomads.

Silk Oasis towns became stepping stones of cultural dissemination. Merchants became agents of cultural diffusion. The oasis towns that connected segments of trade became nodes of cultural exchange, especially Buddhism.

Mahayana Buddhism spread rapidly, leap-frogging from oasis town to oasis town. The process was facilitated by these towns which often built beautiful Buddhist temples to attract Buddhist merchants abroad. Nestorian Christianity also spread across the Silk Roads into China.Mediterranean trade routes essay help.

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major trade network during the classical period developed in the Mediterranean Sea. Maritime trade routes, unlike land-based routes such as the Silk Roads, were better suited for heavy and bulky items.

Mediterranean trade routes essay writing

Wine, olive oil and grain were mainstays of this network. Mediterranean trade routes essay about myself. Posted in Formazione.

mediterranean trade routes essay writer

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mediterranean trade routes essay writer

Pnp ligand synthesis essay. There was much diversity between Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean trade. For example, in the Mediterranean, sailors used square sails and long banks oars to . Mediterranean trade routes essay about myself.

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