Essay on terrorism in india for students

Literature and Terrorism In an age of terror, how does literature help us transcend our reality, lend perspective to our confusion by pulling us into the past and other cultures, and give expression to our anguish and fear through catharsis? They survived it; so can we.

Essay on terrorism in india for students

Freedom is the right of every individual to live as they want to. When the terrorist attack strikes we all feel insecure in our own nation, terrorism spread the fear in the people.

On September 11,a tragedy happened in New York City, at the world trade centre the two planes were hijacked and flown straight into the twin tower, over 6, peoples were killed and all the people of America were mentally injured. After the attacks, many freedoms were taken from us.

In terrorists, there are many different tactics they use like murder, kidnapping, hijacking and bomb blasts in whichever places they aim their goals this is the way to achieve a political purpose. Terrorism is a world-wide problem. By now, the governments throughout the world realized that terrorism is a serious threat to deal.

They believe in the power of guns and bombs over the dialogue. These acts of terrorist are well-planned before only. They many days and even months for preparation, the terrorist are young but the mind behind this is old and seasoned politicians. The terror groups are formed of all the young people because it is very easy to brainwash them.

One of the dangerous terrorist attacks in India was the Bombay Bombings. There were 13 bombs that took place in Mumbai, India. It was said that the explosions were in the coordinate of Dawood Ibrahim, who is the leader of the terrorist group he stood against India.

Essay on terrorism in india for students

The major causes of terrorism in India When India got Independence it was divided into two parts on the basis of religion or community. Because of this separation of religion and community has spread the hatred and dissatisfaction among the people. Due to this, some started involving in the anti-social activities and somehow it helps to terrorism or terrorist activities in the country.

The deprivation is the major cause of terrorism in India. The unwillingness and appropriate efforts on the part of our political leaders and the government to bring the backward groups into the national mainstream and democratic process adds fuels to terrorism.

At the end, good sense prevailed, in the government and in the people an electoral process in which people participated wholeheartedly. The participation of the people in the democratic process, together with the strong measures taken by the security forces, helped us to carry out a successful battle against terrorism in Punjab.

Terrorism achieves nothing and it cannot solve anything, this must be understood as fast as possible. It is a pure madness and a futility exercise. In terrorism no one is winner or loser, if terrorism is a way of life, the leaders and heads of state of various countries are solely responsible.

Terrorism is a crime and it harms the humanity and must be treated strictly, the forces behind must be exposed. Terrorism adversely affects the quality of life and hardens attitudes.Jun 11,  · Persuasive Speech Topics. Persuasive speech refers to a particular type of speech in which the speaker has the objective of persuading the audience to accept his or her perspective.

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I count myself among those who try their best to be aware of their surroundings, and who try to find answers to the bigger questions of life.

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Like many idealistic students, I believed I could use my abilities to solve larger human problems, such as war and armed conflict.

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