Building brand community harley davidson posse ride case d

Kingdom of the Bold and Daring Tuesday, May 7, Typewriter Nostalgia Campaign For our advertising plan, we decided to focus on attracting the younger generation by advertising the product at places where our generation like to do their shopping at.

Building brand community harley davidson posse ride case d

Reply One of the most pressing issues in social media marketing is the question of what it takes for something to go viral.

Building brand community harley davidson posse ride case d

So what is it that makes people want to actually share something online? One of the most basic impulses that triggers a desire to share is experiencing pleasure and deciding to amplify that pleasure by sharing it. The contrast in duration between these clips also reveals that short duration is no guarantee of success.

Many of the clips that have gone viral have been much longer than conventional wisdom dictates. Very often this means the person is actually using the link to suggest something about themselves to other people.

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In choosing to share particular videos, we are communicating the notion of ourselves as embodying the values expressed in those scenarios, so that these meanings will be reflected back onto us.

This heartwarming story of a young man overcoming his stutter serves to illustrate the point. By choosing to share the story, we wish to be recognised as compassionate individuals ourselves. This video of a popular song being adapted for performance in the Irish language has been viewed almost 3 million times, showing that its appeal extends far beyond a core audience of native Gaelic speakers.

In other words, this is a contemporary take on the Irish language in a form that young consumers can embrace and identify with, rather than despise or reject.

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It becomes transformed into something that symbolises linking value for an entire tribe — no small feat in a context whereby many teenagers have previously perceived the Irish language as an unpopular school subject!

Very often when we experience such an epiphany we also experience a desire to hold on to the magic of that epiphany by sharing it. The more moving the moment, the greater this compulsion to preserve it by sharing it with others seems to be.

All great viral material has one further ingredient or component that distinguishes it from everything else. So our fifth principle is narrative credibility in order to ensure that suspension of disbelief takes place. This gives us the following checklist to help assess our draft storyline: Will it be sufficiently enjoyable for people to want to amplify their pleasure by sharing it?

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Will it be seen as expressive of a shared sense of values, such as the kind of linking values shared by consumer tribes or subcultures? Even if your concept execution only meets one or two of the above criteria, it has a chance of going viral.

If it meets four or five like many of the above examplesit has an outstanding chance. And remember — when you look at those things that truly go viral, they are almost always things that people have shared because they felt like it, not because someone else tried to make them do so.

Name required Email required Comment required.Harley-Davidson Case Study: Nurturing a Natural Brand Community When you think of Harley-Davidson, what comes to mind? Well, motorcycles for sure. But if that wasn’t your first thought, we’d argue that it was probably an open desert highway, leather boots and gear, and a rumbling exhaust that could make a jet engine seem all too meek.

Case Studies Open Access "Building brand community on the Harley–Davidson posse ride",.[Google Scholar] Harveston, P. D. (). Synoptic versus incremental internationalization: An examination of born global and gradual globalizing firms. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Memphis, TN: The University of Memphis.

The Harley Davidson® FXSBSE CVO™ Breakout® model is a premium custom motorcycle that mixes top-of-the-line features and detailing with a low, long and slammed power profile. Individually crafted and hand-finished, high-impact paint and graphics come standard on this CVO™ custom drag motorcycle.

Feb 21,  · Building Brand Community on the Harley-Davidson Posse Ride THis case describes marketing techniques in the motorcicle industry, particularly Harley Davidson.

Recommendations: should continue to sponsor HOG, and the Posse Rides. “Posse Ride” is the main instrument to connect company to the customers and to build the product’s brand concept.

Building brand community harley davidson posse ride case d

Building a Brand Community on the Harley Posse Ride specifically for . Harley-Davidson has been able to build a community of enthusiasts around its brand that includes members from very diverse groups, and with almost no advertising. How does the king of heavyweight motorcycling keep its fans so .

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