Best tool to write api documentation framework

Because Web APIs are still fairly new, the quality and format of their documentation varies a great deal. Good documentation is important in encouraging and keeping developers interested in your platform as well as reducing support costs.

Best tool to write api documentation framework

I love reading great documentation. When I have a question and the documentations explains the answer almost as if the author has magically anticipated my problem, I get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

I feel a connection with the writer that makes me smile. I also love writing documentation. This post is going to be about what I think good documentation is and how I think you should go about writing it.

Prior Reading Before you read this post there are two other things I think you should read first. A lot of what I say here is going to agree with and build on the ideas he talked about.

Everything in that article applies equally well to programmers writing technical docs. Read the entire thing. Why Do We Document? The purpose of technical documentation is to take someone who has never seen your project, teach them to be an expert user of it, and support them once they become an expert.

Teaching If you want to take a person who has never played the guitar and turn them into a virtuoso guitarist, how can you do that? If you want to take a high school student and turn them into a computer scientist, how can you do that?

If you want to take a programmer who has never seen your library before and turn them into an expert user of it, how can you do that? Guitar lessons are usually taught in person, one-on-one, with a teacher.

best tool to write api documentation framework

Computer Science is usually taught by professors in classrooms. Programming library usage is usually taught by documentation. If the goal of documentation is to turn novices into experts, then the documentation must teach. Your documentation needs to fill the role of both the in-person lessons and the textbook.

If you want to skip these little rants, go ahead. Each act in our play has two characters: The teenager has just turned sixteen and would like to learn to drive so they can hang out with their friends without relying on their parents to drive them everywhere.

Each act will demonstrate a caricature of a particularly bad form of documentation.

best tool to write api documentation framework

I hope these little metaphors will help show why certain forms of documentation are ineffective cop-outs and why you should write real documentation instead. The son is munching on some cereal before school while the father reads his iPad before leaving for work. Are we still going to do that?

The car is in the garage and I laid out a set of wrenches on the workbench. Take the car apart and look at each piece, then put it back together. Every time I see one, I die a little bit inside. Source code is not documentation. Can you learn to be a guitarist by simply listening to a piece of music intently?

Can you become a painter by visiting a lot of museums? Let me be clear: Learning how the brakes of a car are constructed can save your life, once you know how to drive.

Just talk to your users like you would talk to another human being in real life!Every Android app runs in a limited-access sandbox. If an app needs to use resources or information outside of its own sandbox, the app has to request the appropriate permission.

You declare that your app needs a permission by listing the permission in the app manifest and then requesting that the user approve each permission at runtime (on Android and higher). There a number of tools that are very much a step in the right direction, but are often language specific, and do not generate HTTP API/RPC Reference documentation, but rather Code/Library/API reference documentation.

You do not want to program a REST API, because that way you will end up writing code that has to be tested in case of bugs, using Apigility style Dependency Injected (GUI augmented and OpenSource powered) approach is the best way to build REST API's, because the development costs are low. Web API is a framework for building APIs on top of framework; if you work in C# this is the tool for you. The Web Tools package has built in features for auto generating API documentation.

AWS Trusted Advisor provides best practices (or checks) in five categories: cost optimization, security, fault tolerance, performance, and service status of the check is shown by using color coding on the dashboard page.

Important! In the version the syntax was changed completely and it is not backwards-compatible. If you don’t want to switch to a new version then you can check this old documentation for v If you do want to switch but already have a lot of specs in the old format you can check this page for quick hints: Galen Specs Language comparison with old version.

Teach, Don't Tell / Steve Losh